Another haiku opportunity

Poam, the newsletter of the Melbourne Poets' Union, includes a haiku page in each bi-monthly issue. Poets receive payment of $3 per haiku and there is a book prize for one haiku, chosen by the newsletter editor each time.

You need to be a member of the Melbourne Poets Union to submit haiku – but it's worth joining anyway, especially for Victorian poets.

To enquire about joining go to

Send your submission to the haiku editor, Peter Macrow,
by email:
with subject line: poam haiku
or to
6/16 Osborne St, Sandy Bay TAS 7005, and include a ssae for reply.

Peter is the managing editor of Blue Giraffe poetry magazine. He also is poetry editor for the ezine, The Tasmanian Times.
His haiku collection, Oil Slick Sun, was published by Pardalote Press in November 2005.