August 27, 2006

Haiku Graffiti

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The recent Tasmanian Living Writer's week saw many activities throughout Tasmania and their popularity was very evident to all.

One of these was Haiku Graffiti an event which was the brain child of Irene Mc Guire of Fullers Bookshop in Hobart. Haiku poet's Lyn Reeves, Ron Moss, Peter Macrow, and Jenny Barnard were invited to write haiku on the large glass windows outside the store and Irene joined in as well. A pre selected list of words was used and different colour pens which ensured a colourful event. People passing by enjoyed the experience and many were seen reading the haiku. Several other people joined in with a haiku of their own. The local Mercury Newspaper featured a photo and event information, the haiku will stay for about a week and it continues to attract interest.

A selection of haiku will be posted on the Fullers Bookshop site.

As I was writing haiku on the window two young guys walked past me and I heard then say:
"They're writing graffiti on that window !! and they're letting them !!! "

A wonderful event and our thanks to everyone involved in raising the profile of haiku in Hobart.

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Ron Moss
Hobart, Tasmania

August 18, 2006

Interview with Beverley George

There is an in-depth interview with Beverley George, President of the Australian Haiku Society, on Simply Haiku The interview was conducted by New Zealand poet, Patricia Prime

August 13, 2006

Haiku Competition and Haiku Wall Review 2005-06

Maureen Sexton, Chairperson 2006 WA Spring Poetry Festival, Co-Chairperson WA Poets Inc see sent HaikuOz the following report

Haiku Competition and Haiku Wall Review 2005-2006

City of Perth Library conducted a Haiku poetry competition which generated interest from around the state with entries ranging from Tom Price to Margaret River. Enquiries were received from people not normally involved with the Library. The amount of interest created by the Spring Poetry Festival organizers was impressive.
The Haiku wall created in the Library Lounge included all entries. Competition results were posted on the Library web page and provided to the Japanese Consulate (judges and donors of prizes) and the Spring Poetry Festival. Prizewinners were contacted and most called in promptly to collect their prizes and certificate. Certificates were posted to Tom Price High School and St. Anthony’s School in Greenmount in acknowledgement of their numerous entries.
Assessment of the Haiku competition indicates a repeat next year would be worthwhile.

Organised by City of Perth Library in conjunction with the Japanese Consulate
Judge: Mr Koseki, Vice-Consul for Culture and Information, Japanese Consulate

1st prize: John Turner—The wide sea brings coloured shells to my feet
2nd prize: Liz Duffield—Summer storms; rain falls tattoos tin roofs comforts heat - weary sleepers
3rd prize: Susan Charlotte Anne Bryony – Still lake an empty chair autumn's surrender
Highly commended: Nicholas Barwell – Through morning mist with measured tread walk ibis

2006 HAIKU COMPETITION at City of Perth Library

First prize: $75.00 and a certificate;
Second prize: $50.00 and a certificate;
Third prize: $40.00 and a certificate.
There will also be: 2 Highly Commended certificates and 2 Commended certificates.
Entries must be received by Monday 28 August 2006.
Entries must be previously unpublished.
There is no limit to the number of entries.
Each entry must be on a separate sheet of paper.
Entries must be accompanied by a sheet of paper with name, contact details, number of Haiku submitted, and the first line of each Haiku submitted.

All Haiku will be displayed on the Poetry Wall at the City of Perth Library during the whole Spring Poetry Month of September 2006.

Senryu may also be entered into the competition.

Haiku will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope.
Send your entries to GPO Box C120 Perth 6839, or drop in to City of Perth Library, 573 Hay St, Perth. Haiku can be sent by email-
Judge – To be confirmed.
Winners will be announced on Friday 15th September 2006, 11 am, at City of Perth LIbrary, 573 Hay St, Perth, includes readings.

Haiku is a poem mostly in 17 syllables or less in which there is usually a perception of nature which induces a subtle human response. Haiku in English is most often written in three lines (5, 7, 5 syllables). Haiku may approximate Japanese Haiku when written in fewer than 17 syllables. Senryu usually relates to a human foible. Contemporary Haiku can relate to any topic.


If you have any Haiku that you would like to be considered for display on the Haiku Poetry Wall at the City of Perth Library, but they are not eligible for the haiku competition because they have been previously published, then please feel free to send it in for consideration for the poetry wall. You will need to provide information on where it has been published. You may include your name on the Haiku page. These Haiku will not be entered into the competition, but may be displayed. Senryu may also be submitted. Submissions will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Send your entries to GPO Box C120 Perth 6839, or drop in to City of Perth Library, 573 Hay St, Perth. Haiku can be sent by email-


Roadrunner Haiku Journal


Jason Sanford Brown
& Scott Metz

The Heron's Nest

The Heron’s Nest


Ferris Gilli
Robert Gilliland
Peggy Willis Lyles
Paul MacNeil

Simply Haiku

Simply Haiku


Robert D. Wilson, haiku editor

August 06, 2006

Yelow Moon haiku - Seed Pearls Competition

Yellow Moon Seed Pearls 20 2006
Closing August 31 2006

Categories : Prize Money
A - Prose: a haiku journey (haibun) max 600 words $100 $45
B – Haiku: (page of 3 = 1 entry) $100 $45
C – Tanka: (page of 2 = 1 entry) $100 $45
D – Tanka Sequence: 5 tanka on a related theme $100 $45 NEW
E – Poem: to 28 lines free verse or rhymed.Theme:Nature $100 $45
AUS $5 each entry. Or $10 for three entries. Overseas entrants may send equiv in US dollars at own risk. No foreign cheques. Or send 3 IRCs per entry or 6 IRCs for three entries (plus 1 IRC with SAE for results) Seed Pearls is the only Yellow Moon comp open internationally – now open all categories.
1st and second placed poets each receive a complimentary copy of Yellow Moon 20 magazine in addition to their monetary prize.
Winning and commended poets receive certificates and publication in Yellow Moon 20 magazine.
Download entry forms from or write with long SSAE to:
Beverley George – Yellow Moon PO Box 37 Pearl Beach NSW 2256