The Australian Haiku Society

The Australian Haiku Society Our mission In December, 2000, Australian haiku enthusiasts banded together to form HaikuOz
  • to promote enjoyment of haiku within Australia,
  • to bring Australian writers to the world haiku community.
Membership Any person may be a member; there are no membership fees.

Administration - Office Bearers

  • Patron: Dr Jacqui Murray
  • President: Vanessa Proctor
  • Vice-President: Lynette Arden
  • Secretary: Rodney Williams
  • Web Manager: Robyn Smith
  • Committee:
    • Matt Hetherington
    • Maureen Sexton
    • Lyn Reeves
The board of management comprises the President, Secretary and committee. Its role is:
  1. interacting with overseas national and international haiku bodies;
  2. liaison with Australian cultural organisations, funding sources, etc;
  3. co-ordination of haiku activities beyond the scope of regional bodies;
  4. as a clearing house for news about Australian haiku;
  5. fostering haiku written with Australian flavour – themes, style, diction.
The Australian Haiku Society would not have come into being without the tireless and thorough efforts of its founder and first contact officer and inaugural web manager, John Bird. Haiku Oz gratefully acknowledges its debt to his vision, passion and expertise in drawing Australian haijin together to create the online haiku community that it is today.