February 10, 2014

Report on Bindii Meeting 1 February 2014

Our first meeting for 2014 was a follow up haibun workshop run by Maeve Archibald in November 2013. This gave members the opportunity to get and give feedback on haibun that had bee written subsequent to the November workshop.

VENUE: Box Factory: 59 Regent St South, Adelaide
PRESENT: Maeve Archibald, Lyn Arden, Lee Bentley, Karin Anderson, Alex Ask, Margaret Fensom, Lesley Charlesworth, Judith Ahmed.

1. The event booked at the Box Factory for Linda Galloway and Ron Moss, scheduled for Sunday 30 March, has been cancelled, as neither poet was able to attend.
2. We still have a vacancy for a short workshop at the October meeting to start the meeting. Any offers? (Around half an hour would be required, but longer would be considered). The workshop will be followed by general work shopping of members’ work.
3. ANTHOLOGY: We are looking to produce a new Haiku Bindii towards the end of 2014. Editors will be Lee Bentley and Alex Ask. Work in any Japanese poetry genre will be eligible for inclusion. Work published in the previous Haiku Bindii: Journeys will not be re-published in this new anthology. The Editors will be looking for both published and unpublished work for the new Haiku Bindii. Each poet included will have their own section of work in the book. Lee Bentley will send out guidelines and dates for submissions.

This was a follow up to the November 2013 haibun workshop run by Maeve. Recent haibun by members were read and members of the group gave feedback and suggestions to improve the haibun. This proved to be very useful session for honing our writing and expanding ideas on what we could do with a haibun. Thanks to Maeve for once again giving us new inspiration for our writing.

NEXT MEETING: Ginko run by Margaret Fensom: We will meet at the Box Factory at 1 pm on Saturday 5 April. Members will then take a short walk (five minutes or less) through the picturesque back streets to the Himeji Garden for a ginko. If the weather is inclement we can use the Box Factory for the whole meeting.

Saturday 7 June
1-3 pm There will be a short workshop by Karin Anderson on senryu, followed by general workshop of members’ work.

Saturday 2 August
1-3 pm Lyn Arden will discuss Australian poet Janice Bostok (1942-2011), who was the pioneer of haiku in Australia. We will also look at some of her international contemporaries. (half hour)
Alex Ask will run a practical workshop on calligraphy in conjunction with discussing how it can be effectively used with haiga. (Haiga combine a picture with haiku)

Saturday 4 October
1-3 pm
Box Factory

Saturday 6 December
1-3 pm
Box Factory: Christmas party

Minutes taken by Lynette Arden
1 February 2014

February 07, 2014

2013 Irish Haiku Competition: Results

Congratulations to Quendryth Young for being awarded second prize in the 2013 Irish Haiku Society's International Haiku Competition. First prize was won by John Barlow from England. Poems by Australian poets Cynthia Rowe, Jennifer Sutherland and Quendryth Young were Highly Commended in the competition.

You can read the results and awarded haiku in Shamrock:

February 06, 2014

Cloudcatchers' Ginko No. 32 (summer)

Bulwinkel Park, Alstonville NSW

Date: Thursday 30 January 2014

Bulwinkel Park, named after an early settler, is cradled between the old highway to Lismore and the suburban sprawl of Alstonville. Here there is a gentle creek, well-known as being the site of numerous platypus sightings, even to this day.

One of our number had the thrill of such a glimpse for three minutes, until a wee head appeared and the dark form beneath the creek waters was seen to belong to a turtle. An eel was recorded in a haiku also, as were numerous birds, a wabi/sabi old barbeque, and various species of flora. Eight poets gathered to welcome into their midst the president of the Australian Haiku Society and her husband, Cynthia and Bruce Rowe, both of whom participated in the ginko, and went on to join us for lunch and in the subsequent email Round Robin. Such a pleasant day! The autumn ginko will be held on Thursday 10 April, at a site in Ballina to be confirmed.

Best poems in Shamrock Journal for 2013

Congratulations to Lorin Ford and Dawn Bruce for being selected by readers and contributors as having the best haiku and best senryu respectively in the Shamrock Haiku Journal during 2013. In addition, the two runners-up in the senryu category were also by Australian poets: Lorin Ford and Duncan Richardson. As the current issue of Shamrock includes haiku and senryu by Jan Dobb, Gavin Austin, Samantha Sirimanne Hyde and Simon Hanson, there may well be further recognition of Australian writers during 2014!

You can read the details in the online haiku journal, Shamrock:

February 01, 2014

HaikuOz: items posted during January

The following items were posted on the HaikuOz website during January and can be accessed at

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