October 16, 2012

Chrysanthemum 12 online

Chrysanthemum 12 is now online and ready to be viewed at:

Submission Guidelines

Chrysanthemum will appear on the 15th of April and the 15th of October. Deadline for the spring issue is the end of February and for the fall issue at the end of August.

Submissions are welcome at any time.

Please send your submissions to Beate Conrad:

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Please send up to 5 Haiku, Senryû, Tanka, and 1 haibun, and 2 haiga at a time. Collaboration Poetry will be considered only occasionly.
All submissions must be unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere.

If work originally published by Chrysanthemum is submitted elesewhere, please credit the magazine. All contents are copyright by the authors. All rights revert to the authors upon publication in Chrysanthemum.


BEATE CONRAD (Managing Editor)
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October 13, 2012

Penny Harter ginko

Penny Harter, co-author of The Haiku Handbook with the late William J. Higginson, will visit Melbourne on Thursday 13th December for a ginko and, if time and weather permit, a reading. If you would like to meet Penny and are interested in joining our group, please email me for details at

Cloudcatchers Ginko No. 27

Ginko No. 27 (spring)
Meldrum Park, Ballina
Date: Thursday 11 October 2012

Meldrum Park in Ballina is a new venue for the Cloudcatchers. It is on the shore of North Creek, and was chosen to coincide with low tide. Nine poets trod the sandflats spreading out before us as the water receded.

The sun was hiding, and so were the soldier crabs, but the abundant crabholes, bird tracks and vacant oyster shells on bits of basalt rock provided plenty to keep the pencils scribbling. A yabbie pumper attracted a migration of gulls, herons and pelicans from their sandbank, and these contended with the village dogs being taken for a walk along the sands. Sandpipers stepped over pawprints. A soft breeze stirred the eucalypts on the shore, but the lofty pines remained steady in their row. Lorikeets, noisy miners and ibis provided the aural backdrop, while the distance bridge traffic moved silently in front of the lesser arch of the grey ocean beyond. An email round robin workshop is currently in progress. The summer ginko is planned for Thursday 31 January 2013. For particulars contact:

October 12, 2012

Fujisan haiku competition 2012

The World Heritage Division, Yamanashi Prefecture, is again running a haiku competition in support of their bid to have Mt Fuji inscribed as a World Cultural Heritage Site. Toru Haga, an expert on comparative literature, will judge the International Section entries. Entries close 20 December 2012. Full details of the competition and how to enter are available at:

October 11, 2012

Ozku Report

The Ozku group was delighted to share haiku, tanka and haibun from our anthology with the NSW Society of Women Writers members on Wednesday 17th September at their luncheon meeting in the Dixson Room of the Mitchell Wing of the NSW State Library.

Raking Stones is our first anthology and we dedicated it to the memory of Janice Bostok 1942- 2011, haiku pioneer of Australia.
As leader I introduced the speakers, Joyce Christie, Margaret Conley, Margaret L Grace, (Joanne Watycyn-Jones was absent) and Beatrice Yell, and then talked a little about the formation of our group.
I read a brief outline of the haiku, tanka and haibun forms and then each poet in turn read their selection.
Playing the hamon between each verse I’m sure added to the mood and we owe Bev George a big thank you for that. She brought her own hamon all the way from Pearl Beach and at the close of our presentation talked a little about its origin.

Dawn Bruce