October 31, 2009

3Lights Journal

The wonderful 3Lights Gallery will close as of December 31, but in its place will be the new 3Lights quarterly online journal. Submissions of up to 10 haiku/senryu/tanka are now being sought. For full details visit the site:

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The Haiku registry is a new project being undertaken by the Haiku Foundation. If you have published English-language haiku in an edited journal (print or online), you are invited to submit the following information:

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Çloudcatchers Ginko #15

(Haiku group - Far North Coast of NSW)

Thursday 22 October presented very summery weather for our Spring Ginko. And the greetings were also warm, as fourteen of us assembled at Bangalow Weir, where the Wilson River was dammed many years ago to become the neighbourhood swimming hole. Birds, butterflies and water dragons still abound, with a background of roosters and cows adding to the aural content of our haiku. The ginko is a sharing, with no workshopping and no tuition. However we were blessed by the presence of Janice Bostok and John Bird, who by their participation and comments (at times illuminating, at times hilarious) contributed to the significant ambience of the day. Lunch together at the Bangalow Hotel rounded it all off sumptuously. The 'after-ginko' Round Robin is currently being undertaken, with enthusiastic involvement.

Quendryth Young

October 05, 2009

results: tenth jack stamm paer wasp haiku award 2008

First Prize

kitchen window
sunlight pools in
last night's dishes

Jan O'Loughlin

Second Prize

dry floodplain
a billabong holds
the last light

Jo McInerney

Third Prize

first love
wind mills turning
into dusk

Ernest J. Berry


Bett Angel-Stawarz, Patrick M. Pilarski, Ernest J. Berry, Estelle Randall, Leonie Bingham, Duncan Richardson, Dawn Bruce, Bruce Ross, Nathalie Buckland, Cynthia Rowe, Ashley Capes, Natalia L. Rudychev, Lorin Ford, Marina Scott, Petrus Heyligers, Rob Scott, Jo McInerney, Sandra Simpson, Mary Mageau, Paul Stollery, Margaret Mason, André Surridge, Scott Mason, Els van Leeuwen, Agnieszka Niemira, Rodney Williams, Jan O'Loughlin, Quendryth Young, Roland Packer, Verica Zivcovic

'kitchen window' the paper wasp jack stamm anthology 2008' is available from paper wasp/Katherine Samuelowicz or 14 fig tree pocket road, chapel hill, qld 4069 , Australia at $10.00 in Australia and US$10.00 elsewhere.

Interim Brief comment on the Fourth Haiku Pacific Rim Conference, September 2009

Beverley George and a band of helpers have, after working tirelessly for many months, succeeded in presenting an outstanding international haiku conference in Terrigal this September. So many ideas and aspects of the haiku form were displayed and discussed using multi media by excellent presenters from the international representatives who attended this grand event.

My hearty congratulations to all who participated and especially to our President, Beverley George, without which the friendships forged and strengthened in our haiku community, would not have taken place.

Dawn Bruce Vice-President of the Haiku Society of Australia

October 04, 2009

Meeting of SA Haiku Group

The SA Haiku Group met at the SA Writers Centre on Saturday 5 October. One of our first decisions was to adopt a Haiku Name for the group. This had been the subject of extended debate over several months. The name Bindii has been chosen. We have also decided to refer to ourselves principally as Bindii, but add SA Japanese Poetry Forms Group where more explanation is required.

Eight members attended the meeting. The two members attending the Wind over Water conference (Lynette Arden and Maeve Archibald) shared some of their experiences and we have made a copy of the Wind over Water Anthology available for borrowing by members of the group. Other books purchased at the conference will be available at meetings for members to peruse.

Following our practice in previous meetings, we workshopped individual haiku by members, using a whiteboard. Members find this format of working particularly useful.

As we are a relatively new group, we are considering new ways to organize our meetings to suit members and extend skills. It is planned to hold a kukai next meeting based on the model shown in The Haiku Apprentice.

An enjoyable meeting finished at around 1 pm. It is amazing how quickly the time passes when one is absorbed in the intricacies of haiku.

New Exhibition of Lorin Ford's haiku on 3Lights Gallery

To view the gallery of Lorin's work visit: