February 09, 2016

Cynthia Rowe – Living Haiku Anthology

Australia writer Cynthia Rowe has offered her thoughts defining what haiku is for her. A portfolio of her haiku is in the process of being created too.


Report on Bindii Japanese Poetry Genres Group Meeting: 6 February 2016

Ten Bindii members met at The Box Factory for a workshop by Julia Wakefield on ‘What Makes a Good Haiku’. Julia presented a thoroughly researched workshop, looking at examples of haiku that have been critically acclaimed, and members discussed what made them ‘good haiku’. Julia focused not only on three-line haiku, but had plentiful examples of one-line haiku and also some four-line haiku. It was interesting for members to discuss the impact of the format of these haiku and why the author had chosen that particular format, instead of sticking to the more usual three line.

An Evening of Poetry and Music at Halifax Café on Thursday 11 Feb at 6.45.
This event has been organized by Bindii on behalf of the Adelaide City Council and the Box Factory Community Centre.

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February 08, 2016

Cloudcatcher Ginko #40

Ginko #40
Torakina Park, Brunswick Heads NSW
Thursday 4 February 2016

The tenth anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the Cloudcatcher haiku group was celebrated at the very same picnic table where the original gathering took place on 5 December 2005. Torakina Park, in Brunswick Heads, where the Brunswick River meets the sea, has been a favourite site for ginko, and this was the fourteenth assemblage there by the group. Janice Bostok, known as the haiku pioneer of Australia, was with us at that first meeting (as she was also at a number of subsequent ginko), inspiring participants with her astute comments and some impromptu haiku of her own.

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February 07, 2016

Further haiku response from Jo McInerney - THF’s ‘re: Virals 21’

In the latest weekly posting of the ‘re:Virals’ segment on The Haiku Foundation’s website, Australian haiku poet Jo McInerney features once again, this time through her response to the following haiku:

dry wheat grass . . .
the whiteness of
a child dying

— Robert D. Wilson, ‘A Lousy Mirror’ (2011)

As well as being reproduced here in full, below, Jo’s response can be accessed at the following link:


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Australian poets featured in Shamrock No. 33

Australian poet Simon Hanson has had one of his poems voted as the best haiku for the year in the Shamrock Haiku Journal Readers’ Choice Awards 2015, as just published online in Shamrock No. 33 –

window ice
the garden thaws
in sparkles

- Simon Hanson

Full details about the 2015 Shamrock Readers’ Choice Awards can be accessed through the Shamrock website:


The work of a range of other Australian haiku poets has likewise been recognised in Shamrock No. 33, especially within the IHS International Haiku Competition Results 2015, as found below, but also through this link:


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